RELEASE INFO: RISE x Saucony Grid 9000 "Keys Open Doors"

RISE — while only being open a short period of time — has been mentioned highly within our niche retail community. We place a strong premium on separating ourselves from the rest of the market. both literally and figuratively. And, while we admire many of the boutiques who’ve developed a strong following over recent years, we find that the consumer is still longing for something different.


This point has been and will continue to be a major component within our core principles. And, it is what has led us to this very point, inside of what is only our first year of business.


Prior to opening our door, we spent time discussing our strategy with a variety of brands and detailing the plans and projects which we had in development. While most were receptive and willing to work with us, very few were willing to participate. But, when our discussions began with Saucony, we felt the kind of connection that could lead into an excellent partnership.


Very early on, we knew that the “Keys Open Doors” concept was complex. Not only did it tell a very vivid story for us on a personal note, but it lends itself to a storyline many brands would shy away from. Having already began working on our charitable HIV/AIDS themed “New York Is For Lovers”, we were well aware of challenges a very themeatic and meaningful concept brings. Fortunately, the team at Saucony never wavered. They believed in us to communicate and develop the project, which is a very rare opportunity in today’s oversaturated “collab” market.


For Saucony, an American heritage company with decades worth of amazing history, to support our idea and be willing to partner with us in it’s creation was a great leap of faith. One that we’ll forever be thankful to share in.


Once our creative process began, we revelled in the opportunity to work in the greatest color palette possible — black and white. Doing so meant that we’d be communicating through the individual details executed throughout the shoe. From the genuine, hard white tumbled leather to the double-dyed, ebony perforated pigskin suede, we were crafting something we wanted to be timeless — not just seasonal or trend driven.


Meanwhile, in keeping true to the grittiness of our street-oriented storyline, we chose to have each seam left displaying raw edges. Doing so mimicked an “unfinished” look, a detail that is evident in everything RISE. As individuals, each of us is a work in progress and these details are a reflection of ourselves.


Further expressive details, which are all included with each purchase, are a set of 2 unique lapel pins (Piano and Eightball) and 3 different lace options (black/reflective rope laces, piano rope laces and flat white laces).

- Chase


 > Pairs will be available IN-STORE this Friday, November 14th at 9PM EST on a first come, first serve basis.

 > An exclusive online release is set for Monday, November 17th at 7PM EST inside our webstore at Both Domestic and International orders will be accepted.



 > All shipments will be handled via USPS Priority Service, unless noted otherwise. Shipping charges will vary depending on your specific location.

 > Domestic rates typically vary between $10USD to $15USD for single pair orders. International rates range anywhere from $25USD to $45USD, depending on the exact destination & weight of your order.

 > International customers may incur additional customs duties/taxes on the items purchased. These fees are not charged by RISE. Customers are responsible for all import taxes, customs and other governmental fees which may be associated with their merchandise.



RISE x Saucony Grid 9000 “Keys Open Doors”

Color: Hard White/Ebony

Style Code: S70173-1

Price: $150USD

Sizes: Men's sizes 7 US to 12 US & 13 US